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Top 10 YouTube Marketing Tools for Every Marketer In 2019
11 April 2019

YouTube is undeniably one of the best social media platforms. If you take YouTube as a game-changer for the web, you are not wrong. YouTube is owned by Google and it streams millions of hours of video content. YouTube Videos rank well on Google and attract more clicks and boosts brand awareness.

Now, when it comes to creating YouTube videos, a lot of questions ramble into your mind like –

How to create them?

How to gain views and subscribers? and

How to bring quality into your videos?


These process is not so easy but there are a few YouTube tools that will help you in making the process easier and more comfortable. Here, you will find top 10 tools that will help you achieve better results in YouTube marketing.



  1. BuzzSumo

Creation of YouTube videos starts with searching relevant topics that are up to the mark with the latest industry trends. BuzzSumo helps you find trendy topics in less time. The social search feature of BuzzSumo will help you categorize the content that is currently trending on YouTube.


  1. Google Plus/Explore

Google explorer gives you a better understanding of targeted keywords that relate to your topic. You will easily be able to find out various slangs and words that are used in your niche. Thus, Google Explorer assists you in creating YouTube videos that are more likely to be searched on YouTube as well as on Google.


  1. CoSchedule

The headline of your video is the most important item that needs more attention and quality. This is because the title grabs the first attention of the audience and it will also help you rank your video in searches.

CoSchedule helps you to build perfect headlines combining the correct combination of keywords. It will help you drive more traffic.


  1. Bulk Suggest Tool

While creating videos, you need targeting keywords and tags. You can find all those trendy keywords and tags with the help of Bulk Suggest Tool. To get the keywords and tags, you need to enter the basic term and you will get a complete list in front of you.


  1. Hootsuite

YouTube workflow management is very important, and Hootsuite does it for you. You can easily schedule videos and share them on different social media platforms. As a bonus, it saves you time by helping you manage multiple YouTube accounts and comments at the same time.


  1. GoAnimate

With the help of GoAnimate, you can easily create animated videos with complete ease. The quality of videos will be similar to that of professional videos. Additionally, you can use voice-overs, different backgrounds, characters etc. that make your videos more appealing.


  1. Canva

If your video content needs featured images of professional quality, then Canva is the tool that will help you create them. The User Interface of this tool is very simple, and you can create banner images using different layouts and fonts.


  1. VidIQ

If you are unaware of the reason behind the blocked growth of your YouTube channel, you can use VidiQ plugin. The plugin optimizes your video by figuring out what is lacking in your channel and preventing its growth. It helps you increase the tags and the organic reach of your videos.


  1. Tube Toolbox

This tool is one of the best YouTube Marketing Tools, which helps you to optimize your overall channel. With Tube Toolbox, you will get features like the ability to gather information, engage directly with the audience, automate certain tasks, manages lists, etc. This tool ultimately boosts views, subscribers and shares of your videos.


  1. Cyfe

Another very useful YouTube marketing tools is Cyfe. With the help of Cyfe, you can interpret the complete content marketing data at a single place. It controls marketing channels like e-mail, SEO, SEM, social media and analytics.


Choose the suitable YouTube marketing tool mentioned above and hit the web with more traffic and subscribers.


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